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A focus on excellence


Excellence in the products to be packaged.


At Rioverde, our products are subjected to stringent quality control and classification systems from the moment they are sown in order to guarantee their traceability.

We meticulously select our raw materials, which are bottled within a very short time of being harvested, thus managing to keep all their natural characteristics and nutritional values intact.


Excellence in production processes.


At Rioverde, the tender, loving care we give to our products is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

Traditional preparation methods together with the most advanced technologies mean that Rioverde pickles and products offer consumers the optimum quality.

Our Pasteurisation and Vacuum Packing processes and the fact that we preserve our products in authentic wine vinegar are specific examples of this special care.


Excellence in Service.


In today's environment, we make a clear distinction between consumers —the end users of our products— and clients —the commercial establishments that sell them (hypermarkets, supermarkets, Cash & Carry, etc.).

In the fist instance, we refer to Brand Management or Marketing and in the second to Sales or Client Management.

At Rioverde we regard Service as effective management for our clients of our Marketing, Production and Logistics capabilities, implementing actions that motivate sales and guarantee the availability of our products at the point of sale.