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We make our products with the most careful selection of raw materials

Traditional Pickles

With exactly the right amount of vinegar and the highest quality fresh raw ingredients, our Traditional Pickles contribute to enhancing and complementing the flavour of your recipes.

Our smooth and sophisticated Green Hot Peppers... Our very traditional Mixed Specials, either whole or as our finely chopped Picadillo... our delicate Capers and our hearty Caperberries... are all suitable for accompanying any kind of dish.


The best-prepared salads, dressed and ready to eat as soon as you open the jar, with a mild sweet and sour flavour that gives them a unique character.

These are the Rioverde Salads, the very best in their category: Grated Carrot Salad, Grated Beetroot Salad, Grated Celeriac Salad, Bean Sprouts, Chinese Salad, Mediterranean Salad, Baby Carrots in Vinaigrette, Sliced Beetroot, Sweet and Sour Red Pepper Strips and Baby Corncobs.

Delicious and healthy, ideal for weight-loss diets, the Rioverde salads enhance and complement your dishes, offering you infinite options. A fantastic range that stands head and shoulders above any others in terms of flavour and convenience.


Ideal for nibbling at any time of day and offering as an aperitif before meals, Rioverde's outstanding snacks will make you stand out!

Gherkins Traditional, Spiced, Sweet and Sour, Anchovy Flavour... a flavour to suit every taste, and always crunchy.

Gordal Olives filled with gherkins or green hot peppers... the perfect combination of ingredients in our Sweet or Spicy Cocktail Sticks ... Cocktail Onions with their delicate, transparent skin. Our Cocktail of pickles with their unique flavour, and our amazing Fresh Gherkin Snacks either in Sticks or Slices.

Delicious combinations that will impress. A delicious experience for the most demanding of palates.