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Bean Sprouts

Soja germinada

A leguminous plant from Asia (from the Japanese "Sohyu"), the green soya or mung bean is a highly nutritious foodstuff containing vitamin C, minerals (iron) and proteins (lecithin) which helps you to maintain a balanced diet.

What we use for bottling are the young shoots of the plant. Once they have germinated, they are collected and rapidly processed to retain their colour, as they can oxidise and darken easily.

They provide a natural source of fibre which encourages intestinal movement.

Our Sprouted Soya has a mild sweet and sour flavour and is ready to eat without the need for dressing, though you can always add one to your taste.

Ingredients: bean sprouts, vinegar, sugar, salt, acidity regulator (E-330), antioxidants (E-300, E-220)

  • Disponible en envase de 3985 ml
  • Disponible en envase de 1965 ml
  • No disponible en envase de 720 ml
  • Disponible en envase de 370 ml
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