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Dressing-Special combinations


We have developed this new product to provide you with a convenient, easy way of dressing your salads. That is why we have called it "Dressings".

New, fresh and surprising, it is the first combination of pickles specially prepared for dressing salads.

Its unique combination of ingredients blends perfectly with the sauce to make the Rioverde "Dressings" an ideal choice to prepare delicious salads with a touch of colour.

Pour the dressing directly on lettuce, escarole or chicory, toss... and serve. As simple as that.

Ingredients: vegetables in varying proportions (gherkins, cocktail onions, baby carrots, caperberries, olives, baby corncobs, peppers), vinegar, salt, flavour enhancer (E-621), acidity regulator (E-330), antioxidant (E-300).

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