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Mediterranean Salad

Ensalada mediterránea

A combination of pre-prepared products to make life easier for you in the kitchen.

The Rioverde Mediterranean Salad is the number one product in terms of flavour and convenience. Simply open and enjoy; as simple as that.

As green soya is the main ingredient of this salad, it offers all its benefits (Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, isoflavones and fibre), lowering cholesterol levels and helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Ingredients: vegetables in varying proportions (bean sprouts, carrot, sweetcorn, peppers), vinegar, sugar, salt, acidity regulator (E-330), antioxidants (E-300, E-220)

  • Disponible en envase de 3985 ml
  • Disponible en envase de 1965 ml
  • No disponible en envase de 720 ml
  • Disponible en envase de 370 ml
  • No disponible en envase de 212 ml