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Grand Bouquet Cocktail Sticks

Banderillas gran bouquet

With the same quality of ingredients as the Sweet Cocktail Sticks, our Rioverde Grand Bouquet Cocktail Sticks offer distinct flavours and identity, thanks to the composition of the sauce, which makes them particularly pleasant to the palate.

They stand out because of their special presentation, with a plastic toothpick instead of a wooden one, and its gherkin halves.

Put together by hand and packaged in wide mouth jars for easy serving, the low acidity and mildness of the Grand Bouquet Cocktail Sticks make them a pleasantly surprising snack for any occasion.

Ingredients: gherkins, cocktail onions, manzanilla olives, peppers, vinegar, salt, flavour enhancer (E-621), acidity regulator (E-330), antioxidant (E-300).

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