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Spicy Cocktail Sticks

Banderillas picantes

Like our sweet cocktail sticks, Rioverde Spicy Cocktail Sticks offer the highest number of units per bottle and are the ideal option for snacking at any time of day.

With the addition of a piece of green hot pepper to the other ingredients, their unique characteristics and exceptional quality make them the perfect combination for fans of slightly spicier flavours.

Put together by hand by expert professionals with years of dedication, our Sweet Cocktail Sticks embody the identifying factor of all our products: the assurance of a job well done.

Ingredients: gherkins, cocktail onions, olives, green hot peppers, red peppers, vinegar, salt, antioxidant (E-220)

  • Disponible en envase de 3985 ml
  • Disponible en envase de 1965 ml
  • No disponible en envase de 720 ml
  • Disponible en envase de 370 ml
  • Disponible en envase de 212 ml